Truly, Without the Spirit We Can’t Do This Work

Dearest family,

I hope that you are doing fantastic. I apologize for missing you this past week, I forgot the recording device and spent too much time reading your letters, frankly the time just flew by. Anyway, I’ll do better on writing.

Spencer’s End to His Mission

First off, Spencer, congrats on the mission. You´ve almost done it, sprint to the end and give everyone a hug for me when you get home. Please mom tell Preston Lau (if he hasn´t left yet) good luck. The mission is the best. 
This past week went by like a blur, but some of the best parts I’ll highlight:


Honestly, Sergio is a golden investigator. We learned about him from a reference. It’s super cool references and all. Our secretaries [Ed. – Assistants to the President?] in the mission right now are putting a big emphasis on using the references [Ed.- referrals] because about 20-30% of the references are baptized. Now, with the addition on the church app, do it! [Ed. – The LDS Church released an app for members to provide referrals to the full-time missionaries]. I have more included on the recording I made this week. Please see the dropbox and the photos on dropbox.


Another reference we got. Basically, he went to a baptism of his friend and after going to church he wants to be baptized. We had a great discussion of the gospel can really bring him the ability to change in his life. He is 18 years old and wants to change. I loved his response to our question, “How would it feel to be clean of your sins?” “I would feel so good, that would feel amazing.” The Spirit filled the room and I truly felt love for this wonderful young man, this modern day Alma so to speak.


My Spanish felt like it turned off this past week. Super rough, yet, the gift of tongues is real, thanks for all of your prayers. Truly, without the Spirit we can´t do this work. 
I´m sorry for the short letter. It’s a great day! I´m sorry, please see the recordings!
Congrats Spencer!
Your brother in the Lord,
Elder Call

Same Day, Different Letter

[Ed: Another letter, written the same day in Spanish, followed by Google Translate’s translation]: 

Los Andes

Este escritura en verdad describe este semana. Tenemos muchas experiencias trabajando en los referencias segun los consejos de los secretarios. Recibimos un referencia de Elder Brady este semana y intentamos a contactarlo un dia despues. Aprendimos que el quiere ser bautizado despues viendo la bautismo de su amgia. Le enseñamos leccion tres con un invitacion bautismal en el fin de este leccion por el 28 de Enero! WOO HOO! Tambien, fuimos guiado este Sabado por el Espiritu a una familia de inactivos. Les invitamos a assitir iglesia, y a nuestro sorpresa ellos trajeron una otro familia de investigadores en iglesia. Milagros! En verdad mi meta por este año, es a crecer el Espiritu en como yo hago este obra porque se que sin el Espiritu no podemos hacer este pero. En el otro mano, con el Espiritu, podemos hacer este obra.

1 Nephi 4:6 “And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.”

This scripture (1 Nephi 4:6) actually describes this week. We have many experiences working on the references according to the advice of the secretaries. We received a referral from Elder Brady this week and we tried to contact him a day later. We learned that he wants to be baptized after seeing the baptism of his girlfriend. We teach you lesson three with a baptismal invitation at the end of this lesson on January 28! WOO HOO! Also, we were guided this Saturday by the Spirit to a family of inactive. We invited them to attend church, and to our surprise they brought another family of investigators in church. Miracles! In truth, my goal for this year is to grow the Spirit in how I do this work because I know that without the Spirit we can not do this. On the other hand, with the Spirit, we can do this work.

Elder Mosley

El es muy, muy bueno. En verdad, el es listo a entrenar. Si, el tiene dias muy dificils, pero el es muy humilde y dispuesto a cambiar segun el consejo el recibe. Su testimonio esta creciendo, y tambien su fe en esta obra y en el Señor. El esta trabajando en su fe y caridad ahorita.
He is very, very good. In truth, he is ready to train. Yes, he has very difficult days, but he is very humble and willing to change according to the advice he receives. His testimony is growing, and also his faith in this work and in the Lord. He is working on his faith and charity right now.

Me: Elder Call

Yo estoy muy bien. En verdad, este Domingo en la reunion sacramental fue muy dificil. Yo no quiero salir este area porque la gente son muy, muy buenos. Pero, yo voy a seguir la voluntad del Señor. Se que el Señor tiene un plan para mi. Me encanta la mision, es el mejor! Yo soy muy imperfecto, en muchas veces me cometo muchas errores y pecados, pero yo estoy intentando a mejorar. Mi lectura del Libro de Mormon es fantastico. No me di cuenta de tan informacion este libro contiene sobre de la doctrina de Cristo.

“I love the mission, it’s the best! I am very imperfect, in many times I commit many mistakes and sins, but I am trying to improve.”

I’m fine. In truth, this Sunday at the sacrament meeting was very difficult. I do not want to leave this area because people are very, very good. But, I am going to follow the will of the Lord. I know that the Lord has a plan for me. I love the mission, it’s the best! I am very imperfect, in many times I commit many mistakes and sins, but I am trying to improve. My reading of the Book of Mormon is fantastic. I did not realize so much information this book contains about the doctrine of Christ. 
Es en muy, super bien dia! [It’s a great day!]
Elder Call
Tenga un buen semana! [Have a good week!]

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