“Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me”

Dearest Friends and Family,

It sounds like it´s been a wonderful few weeks in Gringolandia and around the world, and here in La Entrada its been stellar too! Today we went hiking up in some mountain we saw and said, ¨Hey, let´s go climb that. It was gorgeous and could see all over the valleys (It was the mountain the dividing the valleys). A great relax for the week. Here are some highlights from the last week:

Jeison Fuentes – Living For the Strength of Youth (FTSOY)

So 16 year old Jeison has been taking some really good steps forward in teh past couple weeks. On Wednesday when we went to go visit him, he whipped out this necklace he always wears and Elder Elmer was quick to notice that it no longer carried the letter ´R´ – the first letter of his girlfriend´s name. Jeison then told us he broke up with her. We congratulated him, which confused him, but as we read ´Agency and Accountability,´ we explained how this was a great choice, opening up his time, his interests, and friendships. Obviously, we didn´t dwell on his lady troubles, but rather focused on how he could do much good.
 Then, he started to really engage with us, asking deep, soul-searching questions, such as:
 – ¨So wait – how can I know if I am always doing what´s right?¨ 
 – ¨What is it exactly that God expects of me?¨
 His eyes were filled with an intensity and desire to improve – repent. The next day, he took FTSOY with him to school and read the entire thing, and then told us how his favorite part was on ¨Family¨ – what a stud. The best part of the week was then on Sunday as he was FINALLY confirmed a member of the Church and given the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I know the Spirit´s constant companionship will greatly bless and inpsire him in his path of becoming a more consecrated disciple of Christ.

[Editor’s Note: What’s more, Jeison’s girlfriend contacted the Elder Call & Elder Elmer….that’s right, she’s a less-active member, and she now wants to come back to church. Cool!]

Familia Baquedano – Looking to the Temple

On Saturday, we had the chance to put on a ward activity after the majority of the Branch leadership (almost everyone in La Familia Guerra) had to go to Santa Rosa after the Mom had a major health problem (she´s recovering nicely now, don´t worry). Anyways, we were inviting the entire world to come and decided to swing by the Baquedano´s to check up on them briefly. You may remember that of the family of 7, 5 were baptized in the last quarter of the year and that the Dad, Gabriel, their 21 year old son Livil, had been preparing to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood (which Gabriel received yesterday!!!). Anyways, their progress has been super, and it was so stellar on Saturday. (Sorry I say stellar so much I just can´t remember any other words).
 As we followed up on their basic stuff (reading the scriptures, praying personally and as a family, etc), not only were we overjoyed to find out that they were doing the basics, but Gabriel asked us, ¨So, I was studying about being an eternal family in the ´Temples and Family´ booklet, and I saw that you need 1 year of membership to go, right? Well, so after that, I decided it´d be better to save up money to go to the Temple in Tegucigalpa in December rather than on some little things we don´t really need. So we´re saving up, little by little!¨
 I wanted to die of happiness. That was a Celestial moment. True conversion comes as one lives the Doctrine of Christ. The Baquedanos are experiencing that, and I am so grateful to witness it.

Sunday Baptisms – Ani Fabiola Gomes Sarmiento and Mileny Julieth Solis Mercado

So a fun surprise on Saturday afternoon came as we were running the branch activity – two 8 year old girls, Ani and Mileny, came up running to Elder Elmer and I, and said, ¨Elders – our parents gave us permission to be baptized! Will you baptize us?¨ Of course, we were flattered and said yes.
 Given it was a local congregation baptism, you´d expect the local leaders to help, but due to a Priesthood meeting, none were able to attend…bummer. But that´s ok, we could run it ourselves! So we went early, set everything up, filled up the font, and then some little, annoying problems came up. The temptation to feel frustrated came, but as the baptism started, the thought came to my mind, ¨This is the most Christlike thing you have done all week – so why whine? This is joyful!
 The two little girls were baptized, and Ani was just beaming. So happy. Mileny was a little weepy, but it was cute and the Spirit filled the room. It is such a choice blessing to be a missionary. Truly the Savior was wise as He counseled, ¨Suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.¨ I want to become like these little children and more like the Savior.
 Well, I´m trying to figure out my camera problems, so no photos for this week (sorry Mom). Have a stellar week!
 Love, Elder Call

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