Service and Seeing Others Through God’s Eyes

Elder Call and Elder Mosley

An audio letter Elder Andrew Call recorded on December 1st, 2017, after a long, busy day of serving. How service helps us to see others from God’s perspective, even on our not-so-good days. Plus, Elder Mosley expands his list of acceptable foods!






  • General Authority quote: President Henry B. Eyring, “Walk With Me”, April 2017 General Conference
  • PSA:Audio can help a loved one feel closer, even when they’re a continent today. That’s why we create family audio recordings like this one….and it’s free. I bet you’ve got a recording app on your phone right now that you can use to record an interview, or a memory, or advice and counsel for your loved ones. So do it…today. And if you’re a family member and you’re listening, send that recording to me, and I’ll add it to our series of family memory podcasts, or you can upload it to, the free family memories and history site from the LDS Church. You’ve got the tools, you’ve got this! Today.
  • Also, you can hear Elder Andrew Call shining his shoes during the recording! He’s always been quite the multi-tasker…
  • Copyright 2017 by Thad Call. All Rights Reserved. Thanks to and its composers who wrote the music heard between segments: this week it was Kevin Macleod, with “Carefree”. All incidental music is licensed under a Creative Commons International License. Full details available on our podcast page at



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