Richard Crowley in Australia

Elder Richard Crowley sent an audiotape from his mission in Australia in March of 1981. He and his companion recorded a “day in the life of a missionary,” with a goal to find someone to take to a fireside that night. Finding, teaching, haunting “milk bars”, and more.

Note: Kind of a fractured podcast this week…had to cut over 50 minutes of interview to about 18. Contact me if you want the entire interview.

Copyright 2016 by Thad Call. All Rights Reserved. Thanks to and its composers who wrote the music heard between segments: this week it was, in order played – David Szeztsay, with “Kids in the Museum”, Dave Depper, who wrote “Acoustic 1”, Kevin McLeod, with “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys”, and Scott Holmes, with “Remember Me”. Lots of music this week. All incidental music is licensed under a Creative Commons International License. Full details available on our podcast page at



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