Political Protests and Spiritual Rescues

December 18, 2017

Dearest Family,

As it would appear you know, we´re on some level of lockdown after the elections results announcement. Last night was kinda crazy – they burnt the lowest level of the Banpais (bank) next to the office, they burnt the Palacio de Justicia on the salida a La Lima (government justice office), and they´ve blocked off the highways basically everywhere. No one has been killed (yet), but yeah I really hope this silly elections stuff ends soon.

Because of the elections, we haven´t had much time – here´s a recording that tells about the week better than me quickly writing out stuff.

Editor’s note: Also in the episode:

  • Elder Call is ill. We found out a week later that he had a bacterial infection in his GI tract, likely from bad water. 
  • General Authority Quote: President Thomas S. Monson, “They Will Come”, April 1997 General Conference
  • So, he’s sick, tired, and happy. The happy part comes from helping people to change their lives for the better, and Elder Call shares a few short stories about that in this audio letter.

Copyright 2017 by Thad Call. All Rights Reserved. Thanks to freemusicarchive.org and its composers who wrote the music heard between segments: this week it was Kevin Macleod, with “Autumn Day”. All incidental music is licensed under a Creative Commons International License. Full details available on our podcast page at knowyourcall.com.


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