Animal Planet

In spite of the rain, playing with the animals, and everything is going super well right now.

I’m Training!

Last night I could barely sleep, it felt like Christmas due to my happy anticipation for this opportunity to train another missionary!

The Lord Labors Alongside Us

Dearest family, I hope that you´re all having a fantastic fall. This past week was probably one of the best we...

Investigators Make Choices

Dearest Family, Goodness me. I don´t even really remember what happened last week. It was changes, the new missionaries came,...

The Savior Didn’t Give Up on Me; I Won’t Give Up

Today has been a great day for me, we hiked the Cerra de Silla. Companionship Unity This past week was...

Junior Fernandez Baptized!

Dearest Family, Sorry – it´s changes week and it´s been a crazy afternoon. We had an awesome morning – we...

The Best Day of My Mission

I love the joy of helping the units grow, and yesterday was a truly a joyful day. The best day in mission, bar none. Let me tell you why.

Green Patches Amidst the Drought

"...A missionary will enter a 'drought period' of his mission, where he's striving to everything right and by Preach My Gospel, as obedient as he's ever been, as close to the Spirit as ever, and yet nothing seems to fall their way. That's kind of been our experience - particularly towards the end of this third month together, things just don't fall like we might've hoped. But that's ok - now we just have to smile and keep trying to do the very best we can."

Please Come to Church!

Elder Call and Elder Elmer are working hard....if 120 people come to church at their branch on average during March, their district can apply to become a stake. Also: what to do when your companion suddenly grows quiet (that's's about YOU), and the famous parable of "weeds and seeds".

Andrew Call Opens His Mission Call

Thad's son, Andrew, is headed on an LDS mission. His mission call arrived at his Provo dorm room in February 2017. We all assembled, in person or electronically, to hear Andrew discover where he was called to serve.

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