Nate Haruch Opens His Mission Call

Nate Haruch

This podcast is about the missionary experiences of my extended family, and so welcome to a new missionary on the podcast, my nephew Elder Nate Haruch! Nate is the roommate of my second oldest son, Andrew…they’re attending Brigham Young University together this year. Just a few weeks ago Nate received his LDS mission call, and today we’re going to listen to the audio recording of him opening it on that special day.

Link to Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander’s Oct 1991 General Conference talk quoted in the show, “To a Missionary Son” – great talk for newly called missionaries.

Now, for those of you a little bit unfamiliar with LDS mission calls: LDS members volunteer to serve for 18 months or two years, at their own expense, to serve and teach others about Jesus Christ. There’s a pretty comprehensive application and evaluation process to ensure that the volunteer is prepared to serve, but here’s the cool thing: the mission assignment, or where you go, is made by after prayer and revelation by a member of the highest leadership body of the church. Mormons really do believe that missionaries are called by God, and assigned where to go by revelation. So, it’s pretty exciting to open that call knowing that you could be assigned to go nearly anywhere in the world.

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