Honestly, being stuck in your apartment is like being in Hell.

[Editor: Our prayers are with Elder Spencer Call and the other LDS missionaries in Honduras while the government imposes a 10 day curfew after election violence. The missionaries in Spencer’s area have been locked down in their apartments for the past several days, and the local church leadership have cancelled church meetings until the violence abates]

Dear Family,

I’m in Lockdown

…That being said, don´t worry, we´re fine. It´s honestly knid of fun because Elder Gutierrez and I live in the center of San Pedro and are almost always a couple of blocks away from the action! (YES!) But we´ve been stuck in the house under the Area Presidency´s directions since Thursday at 5pm, which is really too bad because since we went to the Zone Conferences and changes last week, we haven´t had a real normal missionary day for almost 3 weeks now…but it´s ok. We´re using time well. I wrote President Bush what we´ve been doing in these days stuck in the house:

Dearest President Bush,

As you know, we´ve tried to use our time well. We´ve:
– called every single active and less-active family in our ward to see how they´re doing, invite them to read the Book of Mormon and pray, and made sure they´d have someone available to do the Sacrament.
– called every single investigator to follow up on their commitments, sent them daily texts with new scriptures from the Book of Mormon to read and pray about, invited them to church (though no one went), and made sure they´re doing ok. As you know, we put a fecha with one of our investigators after teaching here a 3 minute version of Lesson 3 over the phone 🙂
– swept, mopped, cleaned, taken out leaves, and made the house spick and span.
– updated the Area Book 100%.
– wrote letters to converts.
– gotten called by converts (ok I didn´t do that; they called me, so I don´t get any credit).
– studied the Book of Mormon.
– had a super spiritual Sacrament meeting with my companion.
– prayed.
– wrote letters to family.
– wrote in my journal.
– added pictures of Jesucristo to the wall.

Honestly, being stuck in your house is like being in Hell. You can do plenty of good, even great things, and even though some things are better than before (for example, now the house is super clean), that wears off and you miss your full freedom and ability to go out and do many good things for others. You´re limited, and at some point, you really just wish you could be 100% active. Won´t lie – I´m really excited for this to end.


Love, Primavera Call Center, attendant Elder Call

Yeah it´s been a really busy time honestly because we´re calling EVERYONE ALL THE TIME; on Thursday Elder Gutierrez and I spent 7 hours of the day sitting at our tables just calling all of the Zone Leaders and other missionaries to make sure everyone is good. 

The Lord Prepares Means

Elder Call and Elder Gutierrez inside their apartment

But despite being stuck inside, we´ve tried to use time well, as I said above. On Saturday, we were super bored and (as I said above) we decided to call all of the members and investigators. With one of our progressing investigators, Iris Sorto (she´s the girlfriend of an RM in our ward, Henry Mejia) who has been to church probably 8 times but she can only have lessons on Sundays, so that makes things take a while, (sorry bad English), we called to see how she was doing. This was our phone conversation (in brief):

Us: Iris! How are you doing? Is your family ok?
Iris: Yeah we´re fine, gracias a Dios.
Us: Great! How are you doing in your prayers?
Iris: Good, talking with God has been a real help for me in these tough days.
Us: Awesome! And how are you in the Book of Mormon?
Iris: Well, with some extra time, I´ve made it to Mosiah 15.
Us: HOLY COW that´s great! How do you feel as you read it.
Iris: I know it is the word of God because it speaks peace to my soul.
Us: *jaw drops*
Iris: hello?
Us: Oh sorry that´s great! We promise that that feeling is the Holy Ghost confirming the truth of the Book of Mormon to you; we know it is the true evidence of Christ´s divinity and true church today – is the IGSUD. So Henry said you feel desires to be baptized – is that true?
Iris: Absolutely; I feel that I need to do it!
Us: Great – so preparation is (LESSON 3 – Doctrine of Christ) for 3 minutes. 
Iris: I need to repent then really well.
Us: Yes! So goals help us work effectively – when would you like to be baptized?
Iris: In January; I want to prepare well.
Us: What day?
Iris: It would have to be a Sunday.
Us: How about January 7, the first Sunday of a new year and new life.
Iris: That is perfect.
I hope you were able to watch the Christmas Devotional; we couldn’t because of the curfew.

The kitchen is now clean!

I know that the Lord prepares new means and technology to be able to do His work, even in the midst of problems and troubles. Don’t worry about us, we´re totally fine, and I´m sure this will be cleaned up soon. Keep praying for the people and that there will be peace. I know and testify from my heart that Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace. I know this because as I read the Book of Mormon and serve among God´s children here (and as I did so at home), I was/am filled with peace – the peace that Christ gives through the Holy Spirit. I´m grateful for this special privilege that I have to serve God and my fellow man to share this message of peace and hope amongst mis hermanos catrachos.

Love, Elder Call

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