Counsel for His Sisters

Many past episodes of Called to Serve have featured Elder Spencer Call reporting from his mission to Honduras. In this week’s audio letter, Elder Call did something a little different: he recorded a personal letter to two of his teenage sisters, Miriam and Elizabeth Call. These two girls are beginning their teenage years…so, looking back at his time as a teenager, Elder Call gives counsel to his sisters about how prepare as a youth for the challenges of young adulthood.

Show Notes:

  • Anna and Allyson are Elder Spencer Call’s youngest sisters. He mentions them also in the podcast.
  • You can read the guidance for living pamphlet Elder Call references in this podcast. It’s titled “For the Strength of Youth”, and can be found here.
  • A key LDS scripture for youth is Alma 37:35.

Copyright 2016 by Thad Call. All Rights Reserved. Thanks to and its composers who wrote the music heard between segments: this week it was, in order played –Dave Depper, with “Acoustic 1”, and then Dave was back with “Heartstrings”, our second musical interlude. Yeah, we like Dave Depper around here. All incidental music is licensed under a Creative Commons International License. Full details available on our podcast page at


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