Q&A With Elder Spencer Call

So last week was a great week!...kind of felt like a drought week - lots of powerful spiritual lessons, people committing to do 'x' and change their lives, and working more with members as we push for a stake in March...and no one comes to church (the biggest indication of progress, to me). Well, that's actually not true - three people did come. I need to be more grateful - in some areas people would give their chopped off fingers that they found in their bag of flour to have one person in church (see Dad's letter so you're not weirded out).

Mary Nelson Atkin’s Courtship and Wedding

Mary Atkin recounts her introduction to John Dwain Atkin while she was still in high school, their courtship, his service during WWII in the Seabees, and their wedding day.

Nate Haruch Opens His Mission Call

Welcome to a new missionary on the podcast, my nephew Elder Nate Haruch! Nate is the roommate of my second oldest son, Andrew…they’re attending Brigham Young University together this year. Just a few weeks ago Nate received his LDS mission call, and today we’re going to listen to the audio recording of him opening it on that special day.

A Valentine For Louise

A Valentine For Louise

Bob Crowley's 1984 Valentine note to his wife, Louise.

Washed White Through the Blood of the Lamb

Elder Spencer Call reacts to his brother's mission call, sings a trio with his mission president, rips his new white shirt right before a baptism, and tells why it's so important that lots of people come to church in March.

Mary Nelson Atkin’s Childhood Stories

Part 1 of a three-part series of Mary Nelson Akin's autobiography, an eleven page document titled "Mary Nelson Atkin History", and composed in May 2008. Mary's birth, preschool and early childhood memories, grade school adventures, and memories of her mother and father.

An Instrument in His Hands

January 2017: It is wonderful to see how much the Lord loves these lost YSA, and to what lengths He will go to help bring them back – if they will just let Him do it. P-Day adventures, YSA reactivation efforts, fun with our Virginia grandchildren.

Building the Kingdom

Another crazy fast week as we continued the process of finding new people to teach, went to San Pedro Sula for a Mission Leadership Meeting (I could eat Subway afterwords for lunch aka a trip back to America), and Jeison Fuente's baptism!

The Weak and the Simple

In this January 2017 audio letter, Elder Call describes a teaching situation with an investigator, and a member named Juan Carlos who accompanied the missionaries. Missionaries can become really polished at teaching, but Juan Carlos threw the elders a bit of a curve ball, and Elder Call learned something special.

Emissaries to the World

OK, really cool photos of tropical flowers this week. It's been a week of big changes for all missionaries worldwide; last Wednesday there was a worldwide missionary broadcast where, among some key points of training, two innovative changes were announced. Also, what it means to be a flechon missionary, and how to help an investigator who's struggling to prepare himself for baptism.

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