When Investigators Don’t Progress

Elder Call answers his father's question about how they help investigators to progress, and what he and Elder Elmer do when they're not progressing and keeping commitments. Plus, Elder Call's predictions of where his brother Andrew will be called to serve on a mission.

Counsel for His Sisters

Many past episodes of Called to Serve have featured Elder Spencer Call reporting from his mission to Honduras. In this week’s audio letter, Elder Call did something a little different: he recorded a personal letter to two of his teenage sisters with counsel on being a teenager and preparing for adulthood.

Richard Crowley in Australia

Elder Richard Crowley sent an audiotape from his mission in Australia in March of 1981. He and his companion recorded a "day in the life of a missionary," with a goal to find someone to take to a fireside that night. Finding, teaching, haunting "milk bars", and more.

Wit and Wisdom of Thora Emma Kofoed

From Mary Nelson (Atkin)'s journal: "It has been suggested that I write down some of the bits of wit and wisdom I remember hearing my mother say. (And some things that I only remember came from "someone" or "somewhere" in the family). I will write them from time to time as they occur to me."

Service Contacting: Sing For an Old Person

Service contacting when no one wants to be served, singing "Happy Birthday" as the only guests of a poor aged widower, Elder Call's 2017 goals, and that little part of American culture that Elder Call just had to buy, regardless of the price.

John & Mary Lynn Call Start Their Mission in Maryland

My parents, John Call & Mary Lynn Call, started their senior mission in Baltimore, MD at the end of November. Their mission is focused around assisting Young Single Adults (aged 18-30) and their ecclesiastical leaders in the area...think reactivation, teaching, and supporting. Here's a letter sent home by Elder John Call on January 14, 2017.

The Kingdom of Crowley and the Sabbath Day

The Kingdom of Crowley and the Sabbath Day

What does a great-grandfather, a patriarch, share when he has his entire family gathered around him? At the 2016 Crowley family reunion, Bob Crowley celebrated, and instructed, and testified. It’s Know Your Crow.

Polish, Don’t Demolish

Yes, a dog bit him. Yes, they visited ancient ruins, one of which looks suspiciously like Elder Call. Find out why Elder Call is relieved to wake up in Honduras every morning. And what does "polish, don't demolish" mean anyway?

Meet Elder Elmer

Meet Elder Elmer

In January of 2017 Elder Call interviews his new, and first American, mission companion: Elder Elmer!

New Town, New Responsibilities

[A late posting: this letter was originally written 17 Oct 2016]. Elder Spencer Call becomes a zone leader and is sent to the Copan Zone, in La Entrada district (western Honduras). He reflects on the recent LDS General Conference, and what personal attributes he wants to work on. Investigator news, and a long-awaited baptism next week!

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