Sprinting Through the Week

Watch a 1-minute video of Elder Call giving a tour of his missionary apartment! He also answers some family questions about serving in Monterrey, why he came on a mission, and what he's learning about God.


Honestly, being stuck in your house is like being in Hell. You can do plenty of good, even great things, and even though some things are better than before (for example, now the house is super clean), that wears off and you miss your full freedom and ability to go out and do many good things for others. You´re limited, and at some point, you really just wish you could be 100% active. Won´t lie - I´m really excited for this to end.

Elder John & Sister Mary Lynn Call’s Fall 2017 Mission Update

Preparing zone conference meals, keeping up with missionary bike repairs, Thanksgiving with family, and a sweet experience in the temple helping a sister from China...and MORE in this quarterly missionary report from Elder and Sister Call.

“The Seed You Have Planted Has Given Great Fruit”

...We were with the Familia Baquedano, we were sitting and waiting for dinner (they had prepared something by suprise); Hermano Gabriel, the dad, smiling invited all of his kids to come and sit at the table and once everyone was seated and waiting he said, ¨Elder Call, the seed that you and Elder Vasquez planted has given great fruit - now all of us are baptized!¨ He was giddy, and I was filled with joy.

Mission Fathers: Trainers and Presidents

I know in the mission they often call your trainer your, "dad", but honestly I just feel that Elder Mosley and I are brothers...I am so grateful for my mission president's help and guidance. I consider him to be a father to me. I don´t really know him that well, but I trust him with my life.

The Work is Blasting Forward

This past week was fantastic. We are working to the best of our ability to constantly evaluate how we are doing and to improve every day. Training Elder Mosley is the best thing ever. This past week we ended with (I´m pretty sure) the most new investigators that I´ve ever seen in our area (15).

Copán Here We Come!

A pilot project going mainstream, nostalgia for "rivers of mud", investigator news, a new building for the ward and a jumpy cat round out this week's report from Elder Spencer Call.

Trust in God, Then Work, Work, Work!

Training is the best thing ever. Elder Mosley is a wonderful example to me of faith. Overall he´s adjusted great and is getting lost in the work. It is so, so refreshing to have somebody who I can counsel with, who wants to be exactly obedient, and who is seeking the will of the Lord. The result of all of the effort = joy!

The Technology Pilot Project

What's happened this week: A family Elder Call worked with months ago sets a date to go to the temple, finding through institute, and piloting new approaches to working with members and social media.

“Do Not Want, Do Not Know, or Cannot”

Elder Spencer Call, giving counsel to Elder Andrew Call: "People don´t keep commitments for one of three reasons: They don't want to, they don't understand, or they literally can't."

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